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Cracked tempered glass

Tempered glass is made from float glass. After heated to its softening point in toughening furnace, the glass is cooled rapidly and homogeneously so as to generate compressive stress on the surface and tensile stress inside of glass. The stable balancing between tensile stress and compressive stress improves the mechanical strength, and the properties of wind pressure resistance, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance of glass.

It is widely used in places of high mechanical strength and safety, such as glass doors and windows, curtain wall, glass furniture, indoor partitions, elevators and home appliances.

Quality Standard: in accordance with GB15763.22005


1. Safety: Tempered glass is cracked into cellular obtuse pieces, which is harmless to human body.
2. High strength: 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass at the same thickness.
3. Stable heat resistance: Good thermal stability. Tempered glass can bear about 3 times higher temperature than ordinary glass at the same thickness and about 300 of temperature variation. Therefore, it can resist fire in short time.
4. Large deflection: it is 3-4 times larger than that of ordinary glass at the same thickness. When tempered glass loads something, the maximum tensional stress does not weigh on the surface of glass but the center of the tempered glass.

Self-destruct is a phenomenon that tempered glass bursts without any direct external force. It often happens when an indirect impact from the NIS in glass increases the volume. As NIS is mainly taken from the impurity of glass raw materials, it is difficult to avoid the self-destruct of tempered glass.
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