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Monolithic fireproof glass is made after treating the float glass with physical and chemical methods and processing in special toughening furnace. It can resist the 1000 of fire for 80-120 minutes and can effectively stop the spreading of fire and smoke as that people get enough time to escape from the fire. It makes up the critical defect of ordinary glass partition in fire resistance and greatly increases the safety coefficient of glass partition. It is an unsurpassable product replacing the compound grouted fireproof glass.


1. High strength: Besides excellent fire resistance, monolithic fireproof glass is 6-12 times stronger than float glass and 1.5-3 times stronger than tempered glass at the same thickness.
2. High safety: Monolithic fireproof glass is cracked into obtuse pieces, which is harmless to human body.
3. High weather resistance: Compared with compound grouted fireproof glass, monolithic fireproof glass can keep clear and bright under the radiation of UV for a long time.
4. Thermal stability: Monolithic fireproof glass bears larger temperature ranges than tempered glass.
5. Large deflection: larger than that of tempered glass.

Fire resistance performance test
Quality Standard: in accordance with GB15763.1-2001
Application: Used in fire door, fire window, fire partition, and fire-resistive ceiling, floor, curtain wall and protective screen.
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