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Low-E coated glass (Low-E glass) is made from a float glass, which is plated with multilayer metal or other metallic compounds by the vacuum magnetron sputtering system. Low-E glass is featured the property of excellent heat insulation: the coating can block the heat transfer and highly reflect middle & far infrared rays. In winter, Low-E glass reflects the heat given off by heaters, home appliances and human bodies back to the room, which reduces self-transmission of glass and greatly reduces the heat loss; while in summer, Low-E glass can block thermal radiance from outdoors. Besides, with different colors, Low-E glass enables buildings rich in ornament.


1. Higher visible light transmittance, low reflectance, low radiance, full day lighting and gentle light. It can avoid light pollution to create a pleasant ecological environment.
2. It can efficiently control the solar radiation and block the radiation of middle & far infrared ray. With lower U-factor (a heat transfer coefficient), Low-E glass has a good performance in heat insulation and heat preservation.
3. It blocks the transmittance of UV so as to protect indoor furniture and fabric from fading.
4. Low-E glass must be made into complex products for use. With properties of good heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation and day lighting, it is a rare product for modern buildings.

Application:It is widely used in all sorts of building curtain walls and windoor decorations, and can be processed into multifunctional compound glass products, such as tempered glass, laminated glass and hollow glass.
Quality Standard:in accordance with GB/T18915.2-2002
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