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Solar reflective glass, namely heat-reflection coated glass, is a bright and colorful coated glass made by spraying the materials¡¯ atoms on the surface of float glass by the vacuum magnetron sputtering system to form one layer or layers of metallic film, which changes the optical performance of float glass. Solar reflective glass is effective in energy conservation and has proper sight-shaded effects as well as flowery decorative effects.

Quality Standard: in accordance with GB/T18915.1-2002


1. Effectively block some direct solar radiation and have shaded effects;
2. Colorful and according to today¡¯s design concepts;
3. Good sight-shaded performance for indoor goods and building elements;
4. Perfect visible light transmittance and reflectance. It reduces the transmittance of UV so as to protect precious goods indoor from fading.
5. Be energy saving and effective in reducing the cost on air-conditioner.

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