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Hollow glass is made of two or more pieces of glass, separated by aluminium frame that is full of molecular sieves inside to form a space and adhered by butyl sealant and then by polysulfide sealant or structural abrasive. It is featured of good sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture, and anti-condensation, and widely used in curtain wall, doors and windows, indoor partition and ice chest.

Hollow glass has low heat transfer coefficient, saving 25W of electricity per square meter, and a good sound insulating property, reducing 30dB of noise. It is widely used in building, train, ship and refrigerating cabinet.


1. Sound insulation: Hollow glass is an ideal material for reducing noise. Generally, hollow glass can reduce 30dB of noise and 5dB more with inert gases.
2. Heat insulation: Lower U-factor and more effective with inert gases.
3. Anti-condensation: sufficient driers in the spacing bar in hollow glass can efficiently absorb water vapor and ensure dry air for the inner of hollow glass.

Quality Standard: in accordance with GB/T11944-2002
Thickness of aluminium spacer bar:6mm(6A)9mm(9A)12mm(12A)15mm(15A)
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