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Laminated glass is a compound glass made by placing a tough PVB film in between two pieces of glass or more, and processing under high temperature and high pressure. Once cracked up, the glass film will rapidly weaken most of impact energy to ensure the safety of glass. Even if the glass is cracked, glass fragments adheres to the PVB film and keeps as a whole. That makes it a real safety glass. Laminated glass made of clear PVB film has the same appearance and installations as an ordinary glass but more durable in use.

It is widely used in skylight, canopy, pedestal supported flooring, high-grade curtain wall, windoor, show window, furniture and elevator of building.

1. Safety: Once crashed, the glass fragments remains in the original glass frame to shield from wind and rains.
2. Sound insulation: PVB film can block some sound wave and reduce noises.
3. UV protection: Can obstruct most of solar ultraviolet (more than 99%) and protect people and precious furniture or artworks indoor from the ultraviolet radiation.
4. Resistance to bullet and explosion: The laminated glass can be used to make different levels of bulletproof glass and explosion-proof glass.
5. Public security: As glass cutters can not efficiently cut the installed laminated glass and other tools cost longer time and cause larger sound, it is difficult to enter the room with laminated glass. It keeps out vicious damages, thefts and violence.
6. Hurricane and earthquake protection: Even if broken, the whole glass will remain in place. It is preferable to be used in hurricane and earthquake areas.

Quality Standard: in accordance with GB9962-1999
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