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Glazed tempered glass is a wear resistant and chemical resistant glass product produced with silkscreen technology by printing high-temperature glaze on glass surface, which is baked, cured and then toughened to nodulize the high-temperature glaze on glass surface permanently.

It is widely used in building decorations, furniture, decorations and electronic products. It can also be used with other glass products.

Quality Standard: in accordance with GB/T9963-1998 and GB15763.2-2005


1. Available in a variety of patterns and colors to meet the demand for different aesthetic styles of modern architecture.
2. High safety and other properties of tempered glass.
3. Obvious sunshade effect. The glaze can absorb and reflect some solar heat, and remain stable and fadeless.

Breaking effects:
1. Ordinary glass: cracked into sharp pieces. 2. Tempered glass: cracked into small grains.
3. Cracked semi-tempered glass 4. Cracked full-tempered glass
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