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Bent tempered glass is made by the processes of heating float glass to its softening point, bending and molding it with deadweight or outside force, cooling it down naturally and lastly making into bent glass. Bent tempered glass is manufactured by rapid wind cooling by special equipment.

Bent tempered glass is mainly used in cambered glass curtain wall, skylight, glass elevator, indoor glass partition, glass fence, indoor decoration and furniture.
Features:Bent tempered glass has the same properties as flat tempered glass in safety, impact resistance and thermal stability, but with higher wind resistance and deflection than flat tempered glass. Bent tempered glass is a kind of safety glass.
Breaking effects:
1. Ordinary glass: cracked into sharp pieces. 2. Tempered glass: cracked into small grains.
3. Cracked semi-tempered glass 4. Cracked full-tempered glass
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