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Cracked tempered glass

Semi-tempered glass, namely heat reinforced glass, is processed with the same technology as tempered glass but cooled at a slower speed. So, its surface stress is weaker then that of tempered glass. Semi-tempered glass has much better properties in mechanical strength, wind pressure resistance, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance than ordinary glass. It is more suitable to be applied in framed glass curtain wall. Semi-tempered glass is not safety glass.

Quality Standard:in accordance with GB/T17841-1999


1. The strength of semi-tempered glass is about half of that of tempered glass and 1.5 times of that of ordinary glass at the same thickness.
2. It can efficiently resist heat stress and avoid exploding.
3. Once semi-tempered glass is broken, all of the crackles will extend to the edges and its special stress structure enables the cullet to remain in the frame.
4. Semi-tempered glass never explodes by itself.
5. Smoother than tempered glass.

Breaking effects:
1. Ordinary glass: cracked into sharp pieces. 2. Tempered glass: cracked into small grains.
3. Cracked semi-tempered glass 4. Cracked full-tempered glass
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